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WELCOME each and every one of you to the new, "YOUR OWN SIGNATURE STYLE !!!" Group Network!!!!! Inspired by the hope that I start something and you all continue and share entries as well...........WHY AND WHAT???: It seems we're always creating looks by listing those that remind us of celebrities (guilty!), just dream outfits (guilty!), or outfits as if we were about to be photographed for some model film shoot, attending a red carpet extravaganza, or making a cameo in a film, starring Brad Pitt (or Shia LeBouf, or Gerard Butler, or George Clooney, or Mekhi Phifer, or Wentworth Miller III, or Denzel Washington, or the geek from the "Heroes" TV show, or Johny Depp, or whoever floats your boat)..........What if INSTEAD we each listed an outfit using our own personal style as guiide?! Authenticate your style!! because as Coco Chanel I think once said, "Fashions change but Style is forever! :) xoxo, VSug

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